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"Guidelines on Use of Glass in Buildings - Human Safety" prepared by CCPS


GSI Communique

GSI Communique is a yearly newsletter of GSI which will act as effective communication tool with our Members and other stakeholders.


National Energy-efficiency Outreach (NEO) Program

The series of the National Energy Efficiency Outreach (NEO) Programme is a joint Initiative by Glazing Society of India (GSI) and Centre for Environment and Planning Technology (CEPT) University and Supported by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation. The objective of the NEO programme was facilitation of implementing Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC). And also as part of the Program the importance of testing and certification for Energy Efficient Building Envelopes in India was emphasized.

NEO Presentations:

  1. Designing with Glass
  2. Designing with Insulation
  3. Role of 'ECBC' - Building Envelopes
  4. Role of 'ECBC' - HVAC & Lighting Systems