Key Events

Women Exclusive Skill Development Workshop on Energy Efficiency and Quality Testing of Architectural Glass & Glazing Systems

Chennai, 12th and 13th June 2018:

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Glazing Society of India (GSI) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) (part of World Bank) have successfully organized the first of its kind two day Women Exclusive Skill development program on Energy Efficiency and Quality Testing of Architectural Glass & Glazing Systems at IIT Madras in Chennai on 12th and 13th June 2018. This exclusive workshop provided a technical platform for women to familiarize, enhance and gain further knowledge in the energy efficiency and quality aspects of glass and glazing in buildings and thereby support them for a sustainable and high-level career in the glass and glazing industry. 

Prof Arul Jayachandran made the welcome remarks and said that this is the 10th Skill Development program done by IIT madras, GSI and IFC and was a very successful journey from August 2017 to till date. He said, "we have trained so far 280+ quality team personnel from 120+ organizations including Glass Industry, Processors, fabricators, Facade Consultants, Architects, builders and developers. The workshops include theory sessions by industry Experts from Saint Gobain, AIS, Gujarat Guardian, Schueco, Deceuninck, Eastman, Dow Chemicals and academic experts from IIT Madras, exclusive demo sessions and practical training on architectural glass, glazing systems and associated materials by Industry, GSI and IITM Experts. 

Prof (Dr) Ramamurthy, Head of Civil Engineering Department, IIT Madras commended the increasing presence of women in the industry. He said that the Program has been put together carefully to have a mix of both theory and practical exposure. He advised the participants to absorb not only the learning content but also the atmosphere of IIT Madras. He also explained in detail about the number of initiatives taken by the IIT Madras to encourage higher presence of women in its doctoral program. He added that IIT madras is open for more such collaborative initiatives with Industry on skill development and research. 

Mr Sivaram Krishnamoorthy in his special address said that "The launch of this initiative on upgrading employee skills will contribute to Skill India and Make in India - flagship initiatives of the government. IFC has contributed in greening of cement manufacturing and ready-mix concrete (RMC) by commissioning various projects and studies. Skills will be a core area we will address for the glass and glazing industry. Currently, the total registered green footprint of India is 4.5 billion sq.ft which is the second largest in the world after USA which is 13.8 billion sq.ft. of LEED certification spaces. The market size of green building in India is expected to grow to 10 billion sq.ft in 2022 from the current 4.5 billion sq.ft. Technologies and materials, especially glass, will have a profound impact in creating the India of tomorrow

Mr R Subramanian, Chairman, GSI and Managing Director, Saint-Gobain India in his address said that GSI was overwhelmed with the response from the women in Glass and Glazing Industry for the training program. It goes to highlight that there is a huge need for such skill development initiatives which can go a long way to build capacity in India for world class design and manufacture of glass and glazing buildings. He exhorted everyone to keep the initiative going and organise many more such programs.  

Mr G N Gohul Deepak, Director, Glazing Society of India delivered the vote of thanks. The event was attended by 55+ Women from Glass Industry, Processors, Fabricators, Consultants and Architects.