Key Events

Our Building Energy Performance Lab has been formally inaugurated...

Mar 13, 2010

Our Building Energy Performance Lab has been formally inaugurated and the Ground breaking ceremony for the new Lab Building was also conducted well on 13th March 2010 at CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

We thank our members for honouring us with their kind presence and greetings on this occasion. Our Building Energy Performance Lab (BEPL) will have the complete state of the art facilities for Architectural Testings like Air&Water Structural (Field and Lab), Durability test, Heat Flow meter, Solar Calorimetry, Therm Specifications, Visual Light Transmittance and Certification Services etc.

The advanced model of Spectrophotometer is used to measure Solar Absorptance, Reflectance and Transmittance of Glazing Products. Also the Air and Water Leakage Testing Chamber is getting ready for testing Structural stability.

Our CEPT University’s Energy Centre also has the equipments which help in characterisation of Opaque Building Materials, Post Occupancy Evaluation and Environmental Condition monitoring.

Our CEPT Lab will get the Solar Calorimeter equipment facility by 3rd Quarter of 2010, which will help in characterizing SHGC of fenestration products.

Photographs of the Ground Breaking ceremony and Lab: