Certification Services

GSI has several product certificate programmes. These programmes provide certification for product performance parameters in areas like Energy, Safety…etc., Product performance certification parameters for Energy are applicable to Glass, Windows, Facades, fenestration and other building envelope products.


GSI in its efforts to develop and administer independent rating and labeling systems in areas like Safety, Energy, etc. conducts several Workshops, Training programs, Seminars and conferences that facilitate opportunities for participants from Indian Glazing and other building materials Industry.


GSI's membership is open to anyone who is a stakeholder in the Indian Glazing and other building materials Industry - Manufacturing companies (Glass, other building materials etc), Glass processors, Builders, Contractors, Developers, Glass Fabrication companies, Installers, Testing laboratories, Policy formulation bodies, Educational institutions & Research bodies, Industry Experts, Architects & Interior Designers, Stakeholders of the industry and Government of India.